Project Future on Wheels

Diganta Maity, in Kolkata, has found that despite the success of the street projects, many children from the slums still get no education. March 2017, he got the idea of ​​bringing the school to the children instead of the children to the school. He present the plan with a video: With a school bus designed as a classroom, teams go […]

Education For All Children

This is not the case for many street kids! With no home other then a shelter at the sidewalks of Kolkatta and no money to pay for school fees or uniform. To be part of a school class is a very big dream for many

New School Teachers

For the Bus project Future on Wheels we need good teachers that have a loving and caring attitude and in the same time educate our kids in the best ways there is. That is what we need. To pay them a good salary you can help us with your support

Project for the Anti traffickers at border Bhutan

  There are a lot of young girls involved in illegal flesh trade. In India there are about 2.8 million prostitutes of which 36% are children.   We also Provide free education and food for the Bhutanese refugee children.     Info video to create awareness About the Film It’s a Girl In India, China and many other parts of the […]