Education For All Children

This is not the case for many street kids! With no home other then a shelter at the sidewalks of Kolkatta and no money to pay for school fees or uniform. To be part of a school class is a very big dream for many

New School Teachers

For the Bus project Future on Wheels we need good teachers that have a loving and caring attitude and in the same time educate our kids in the best ways there is. That is what we need. To pay them a good salary you can help us with your support

Project for the Anti traffickers at border Bhutan

  There are a lot of young girls involved in illegal flesh trade. In India there are about 2.8 million prostitutes of which 36% are children.   We also Provide free education and food for the Bhutanese refugee children.     Info video to create awareness About the Film It’s a Girl In India, China and many other parts of the […]

From the director

House of Revival ministries started in the year of 2002. I got a vision to bring transformation in to the lives of broken, outcast and untouched ones.